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Selectivity v3 adds React support

From the start, Selectivity has been developed as a jQuery plugin. It used jQuery internally as well as exposed a typical jQuery plugin API. But given that my own use cases involve more and more React, I wanted to bring Selectivity along into a world where using jQuery is no longer a given. The past few months I've gradually rewritten the Selectivity internals so they became independent of jQuery. It was quite a bit of work, with nothing really to show for it...

But today I released Selectivity v3.0.0-beta1 with the official React API! When you download this latest release, you can simply choose to use the jQuery bundle or the React bundle and each comes with its appropriate API and plugins. If you're adventurous, you can even use the VanillaJS bundle that depends on neither library. I have updated the Selectivity homepage to (hopefully) make it clear how to use each API.

Also new (or at least: finally usable) is the NPM release. I have added extensive instructions on how to use the NPM release on the GitHub project page. I have to admit having a triple-API model certainly makes things more complicated in that area. But then again, the alternative would be to create separate projects for each API and each plugin, and I would be stuck with 13 projects to maintain. I guess it would certainly be more in the spirit of NPM, but I hope I struck a good balance here :)

I'd be happy to receive bug reports and suggestions for improvements (not in the least when it comes to the documentation!). Cheers!