Thursday, May 14, 2015

Selectivity.js v1.1.0 improves keyboard support, adds Ruby Gem

Today I'm proud to announce the release of Selectivity.js v1.1.0. Selectivity.js is a library for displaying rich select boxes. It is intended to be lightweight and flexible and has a modular design, a build system for creating custom builds and a proper test suite.

The new version comes with a few notable changes:
  • Shortly after version v1.0.0 was release the project has been officially renamed from Select3 to Selectivity. If you are still using the project under the Select3 name, this will be a breaking change as all symbols have been renamed accordingly. Anyone who jumped in after the name change should not have to deal with any API changes.
  • Keyboard support has been vastly improved. All Selectivity inputs can now be navigated to using the Tab key. Submenus can now be navigated with the keyboard, and submenus can be closed using Backspace. Backspace can also be used to clear a selected input if the allowClear option is enabled. And finally, some annoying page scrolling issues have been fixed when using keyboard navigation to scroll through a longer list of results.
  • Compatibility with web forms has been improved so values selected in a Selectivity.js instance can be submitted back to a server using regular HTML form submission.
  • A Ruby on Rails Gem has been created to facilitate users wanting to use Selectivity.js in their Ruby application.
  • Many bugs have been fixed.
Special thanks go to Konrad Jurkowski without whom this release would've been significantly less impressive. Specifically, he's developed the web forms compatibility and the Ruby on Rails gem for which there is a separate project page: As part of this work he has also set up our Sass support that we now use to generate our stylesheets. And last but not least, he's contributed several bugfixes as well.

Additional thanks go to everyone who has submitted Pull Requests or reported issues on GitHub!

You can install the new version through Bower, Component, the new Ruby Gem or just download the release right here:


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