Monday, February 3, 2014

C.I. Joe 0.0.3 "United We Stand" released

After a month of intense work and a big redesign — both mechanically and aesthetically — the time has come to release C.I. Joe 0.0.3 "United We Stand".

New in this release is a great C.I. Joe themed redesign created by my colleague Dennis de Jong (any possible remaining styling issues are due to my lack of CSS skills, not Dennis' design):

In addition, the concept of campaigns has been introduced as seen above. Campaigns provide an easy-to-use mechanism for scheduling multiple missions at once, to be executed one after another or in parallel.

Finally, I've made a beginning writing the in-application Help manual.

As with previous releases, you should be aware this is an alpha release and far from feature complete. But for those wanting to try it out, you can download the new release here:

Join or follow the contribute on GitHub:

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